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24 February 2016 @ 03:07 pm
[1/2] Hello, How are you  
Genre: Fluff, Romance
Length: Chaptered
AU: Working, College
Noted: Finally after 13893 years I update this blog again! Hope you’ll like this one.

How would it be like meeting someone for the second time after three years?

Luhan was an exchange student in Seoul University back in 2013, one night he was out with his best friend Byun Baekhyun to go for a study out in a cafe near their place. Out of luck the place was packed with college students whose also studying Luhan sigh

“We should go back to our place instead”

He told his friend but being a persistent person Baekhyun is, he ignored Luhan and went to every table hoping to see a friend whom they can share a table. A sudden smile crept on the shorter one as he said “we can ask him" Luhan looked at the person Baekhyun’s pointing then gave him a “do-u-really-know-him” look which the later replied with nod

“He’s my classmate”

“Hi! You’re Sehun right?” Baekhyun asked the stoic yet handsome looking guy sitting at the corner of the shop. The guy named Sehun nod his head with a clueless look on his face.

“Do u mind if we share table with you? All table are already occupied” again Sehun nod however his eyes are looking at the other male with a cute doe eyes.

“Thanks” he heard him talk for the first time and he swear it’s the most angelic voice heard in his life

The two friends start preparing their materials, Sehun notice how the cute guy with a doe eye loves pink and stuff with Hello Kitty designs. He wants to laugh from too much cuteness but doesn’t want to look stupid in front of him as well and so he ignores it.

“Tell me Baek, Do you really know him?” he heard his angelic voice again
Baekhyun smile at his friend and said

“Yes we’re in one class…3 semesters ago” he told him
Luhan face palm “ugh! I thought you really know him” he said as he slaps his friend’s arms. A smile crept on Sehun’s face as he looked at the two friends talking in low voices in front of him.

“ So cute!” he said louder than he supposed to be which made the two friends stop talking and stares at him. Soon after the two friends start going through their notes and study, every once in awhile Sehun occasionally look at the cute guy with a doe eye, sometimes he catches him staring as well.

“Hey Lu I’m going out for a while okay” Baekhyun told his friend twenty minutes after they start studying. Sehun look at them again and saw the petite guy leaving the place which made him a little nervous because it only means one thing – he and the doe eye guy named Lu (as what he heard) is now alone at their table.

This looks like a study date.

Sehun thought which made him smile and feel giddy. He looks at Lu for the nth time and he was surprised when he found out that the later is looking back at him and smile.

Both students were too busy with their individual studies that they didn’t notice the time until they heard someone’s phone ringing, it was Lu’s (as what Sehun thought his name).

“I hate you Byun Baekhyun!” Sehun heard him

“I’ve been waiting for you for God knows how long and now you’re telling me you’re already home!”

“I hate you why are you even my best friend” he said a little bit louder that it caught everyone’s attention. Luhan who have notice what he have done bows his head.

“Don’t go to sleep yet, wait for me I’ll be home in awhile” after talking with his so called best friend Luhan quickly gather his materials and put in his bag. Coincidentally the handsome guy whom he remembers his name as Sehun also starts gathering his things and ready to leave.

“Let’s go out together” Luhan heard him

“Excuse me?”

“I mean let’s go leave this cafe together” he said a little slower with a shy smile

“owww! S-sure” Luhan stutters

“I’m done! Let’s go?” and soon the two guys left the cafe.

“Darn it Baek!” He hissed as he carries two bags on his shoulder and four thick books on his arms

“Here let me help you” he heard Sehun spoke and without hesitation Luhan gave him the books.

“So where do you live?” Sehun ask him which made Luhan widen his eyes

“Oh gosh sorry I ask too fast” then there was an awkward silent.

“By the way we haven’t formally introduced yet, I’m Sehun, Oh Sehun” he said as he extends his hands to the shorter one.

“Yeah, we study together for almost what three hours? And we haven’t know each other’s name” the smaller laugh “I’m Luhan” he said. “And the guy I’m with earlier is Byun Baekhyun my best friend and unfortunately my cousin” Luhan added which made Sehun laugh.

Soon the conversation gets lighter and more comfortable, Luhan found out that Sehun is a junior civil engineering student and that he hates studying at home because he’ll always ends up sleeping that’s why he study in a cafe especially during exam weeks. Most importantly he found out that Oh Sehun is single and Luhan can’t help but blush when he knew about it.
As much as the two obviously want to talk and get to know each other more, the walk from the cafe to Luhan’s place was short and they already arrived at Luhan’s place.

“I’m here!” Luhan announced which made Sehun frowned, before Luhan could knock the door a smiling Baekhyun appears

“Glad you-” before Baek can finished what he is about to say when he notice Sehun standing next to Luhan

“Sehun?” The later smile and nod at Baekhyun “Hi”

“Why are you two together?” Baekhyun asked which Luhan explained that Sehun help him carry his things.


“Now if you mind baek go back inside gosh your pajama is so embarrassing” Luhan told him and Baekhyun just smile

“If I know you just want to be alone with Sehunnie” Baekhyun joke and Luhan is so close from killing his dear cousin.

“By the way, thanks for helping me earlier” Luhan said in his sweetest voice which Sehun can’t help but blush and slowly rub the back of his neck.

“That’s nothing; I’m always ready to help you anyways. Oh and it was nice meeting you Luhan, I hope we can still meet again next time”

Luhan tried not to blush after he heard what sehun just said. If only I got your number then I’ll definitely call you and spend some time with you again he thought. Suddenly Sehun gave him a little note with his number written Luhan’s eyes widen as he hold the little sheet of paper in his hands.

Shit did he just read my mind?

“oh crap did I surprised you again Luhan?” Sehun panicky asked which Luhan replied with a nod.

“oh my God sorry I just thought you might want my number so you can call me next time if you want to study with me or just meet me” Sehun said a little bit faster.

“No it’s okay, I’m just a little bit … you know surprised” Luhan confess while he really really tries not to blush.

“Because you read his mind duh!” they heard Baekhyun’s voice inside the house

“It’s getting really late I have to go now, Good night Luhan”

“oh..okay~ good night to you too Sehun and thank again” Luhan’s about to open his door when suddenly Sehun kissed his cheeks

“See you around” Sehun said then he quickly left the house leaving a very stunned Luhan in the doorway.
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